Toronto Circus Centre Policies and Procedures

Last Update: August 31, 2020

In order to ensure safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic our team reviewed procedures from organizations including American Circus Educators (ACE), En Piste, Gymnastics Ontario, ACTRA, Toronto Public Health and The Government of Ontario.

We are in Phase 3: where fitness studios and gyms and playgrounds may open, with physical distancing in place.

Quick Look:
  • Students and staff are screened daily by self or parent at home, then again before entering the circus.
  • Hands are sanitized upon entry.
  • Circus is open with limited capacity and adapted programming.
  • Masks must be worn by everyone aged 4 and above. Instructors/students must maintain distance of minimum 6 ft except during spotting or an emergency.


  • Disinfecting surfaces
         – Proper cleaning will take place between each class or party. Props will be sanitized between each use.

  • Additional ventilation
         – Venue door will remain open during training whenever possible to allow for additional ventilation

  • Wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.
         – All participants are expected to wash their hands: upon entering the venue, touching any surfaces, using the washroom, after sneezing or coughing into elbow and before leaving.
         – Sanitize hands before and after using aerial equipment or props.
  • Maintain a minimum of 6 feet physical distance from fellow students and staff including entering and leaving the space and using the washroom.
  • Changing entrance and exit procedures
         – We are limiting access to the main space to maximum 15 students at a time, spaced 6ft apart.
         – 15 minutes has been scheduled between each training session to avoid crowding and maintain safe distance during cleaning.
         – Please do not arrive early for your class, come on time.
         – All participants MUST wash their hands and sanitize any equipment being used immediately upon entering the space.
         – Training times will start and end on time, including rigging, warm-up and cool down. Please respect these times to allow us time to adequately clean between sessions.
  • Limiting participants to ensure physical distancing
         – All training sessions will be limited to an absolute maximum of 15 participants, not including the supervisor/ coach.
         – No spectators (for parties, this means only the party parents may stay in the space)
  • All reservations and payments must be made online.
         – This means no drop-in lessons unless prebooked online at least 24 hours in advance and all payments are to be made via e-transfer when possible
  • Refund Policy Due to COVID:
         – If you make a cancellation due to COVID-19 related sickness, you will be expected to remain away from the studio for a minimum of 14-days afterwards.
         – In case a supervisor is sick, we reserve the right to cancel any training session on short notice. You will be notified via email. Please check your spam folders.
         – There will be no refunds offered at this time. If the venue has to close due to COVID-19, coaches will transition to a Zoom flexibility/at home strength class until it is safe to return in person.
  • Participants are encouraged to use their own aerial equipment
         – TCC Staff can give suggestions on where to make a purchase

  • Dress Code, injuries and personal items.
         – All participants are expected to arrive in clean, appropriate training attire. Long pants/ leggings to the ankle and fitted long sleeved shirts are preferred.
         – In accordance with current Toronto Public Health by-law, you must wear a mask when entering, exiting and moving around the space. All persons must leave personal belongings in their bag and leave it in the designated zone for personal items.
         – All persons with open wounds must disinfect and cover them before arriving at the training space. The protection/covering must be able to withstand training and last until the person leaves the space.
         – No food in the space with the exception of camps and parties.
         – All outdoor shoes must be removed by the entrance.
Refrain from touching your face.
We recommend you bring:
  • Personal hand sanitizer
  • Yoga mat
  • Full water bottle (refills are not suggested at the venue)

All participants must acknowledge & sign standard and COVID-19 waiver section of the registration form & abide by all new policies and procedures, including not attending training with any symptoms of sickness and/or within 14-days of coming into contact with someone who is sick and/or within 14-days of having traveled out of province. We reserve the right to remove any person displaying any symptoms of sickness and/or who does not respect the policies and procedures of the space or the Conduct Policy as lain out on the registration forms.


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