UPDATE Jan14 2021:

As you are all aware, COVID daily case counts are now on a strong upward trajectory in Toronto and sports and theatre activities are prohibited. We’re watching the situation closely and have suspended all registrations and programming (as well as any new Party bookings). We are constantly assessing the current restrictions and recommendations from both Provincial and Municipal health departments and look forward to opening as soon as possible.

In the meantime, check out our Online Class offerings.

Please watch this space for updates. Thank you!

-- Jen and the team at Toronto Circus Centre


Circus Club Registration – NOTE: New registrations on HOLD. See Home Page for updates and details.

Ages 6 – 11

Experience life under the big top! There is something for every junior circus star in training in this program. Juggling, floor and partner acrobatics, aerial trapeze, hoop, rope and silks. Increase strength, flexibility, co-ordination, confidence and creativity. Enhance performance in any sport. Students invite parents to a circus show at the end of the year – an attraction not to be missed!

Fall Term 2020:

Tuesdays (11 weeks), East End location (1300 Gerrard Street E @ The Redwood), Oct 6th – Dec 15th, 4 – 5:20 pm, $330 + HST
Wednesdays (11 weeks), Leaside location (822 Millwood Road @ Leaside United Church), Oct 7th – Dec 16th, 4 – 5:20 pm, $330 + HST
Thursdays (11 weeks), East End location (1300 Gerrard Street E @ The Redwood), Oct 8th – Dec 17th, 4 – 5:20 pm, $330 + HST
Saturdays (11 weeks), Leaside location (822 Millwood Road @ Leaside United Church), Oct 10th – Dec 19th, 9 – 10:20 am, $330 + HST
– Pre-booked drop-ins available. Drop-ins must be booked 24 hours before class start time.
– Drop-in rate: $40 tax included

After-School Pickup (East End only)

After-school pickup is available at the following schools:
     – Bowmore
     – Duke of Connaught
     – Equinox
     – Roden

Children are met at the school and safely walked to the circus. Please send a snack. After-school pickup program cost is $5.00/day + HST. Children must be enrolled in one of the following East End location 4pm classes eligible for pre-class pickup:
     – Kinder Cirque (ages 4-5) on Tuesday
     – Circus Club (ages 6-11) on Tuesday or Thursday

After-School Pickup can be added as an option on the registration form below. The option to add Pickup will appear after an eligible Class Selection is made.

Toronto Circus Centre is not a licensed daycare provider

NOTE: all students or parents/guardians of students MUST read our new COVID Policies and Procedures page before registering:

COVID Policies and Procedures

Circus Club Registration

Session Dates

Select which day(s) of the week Student(s) will attend Circus Club.
If minimum class size is not met, TCC reserves the right to cancel class with advance notice and full refund.
Select the day(s) you wish to add After-School Pickup. Price is $5/day + HST. Please note: new adds to school pickup must be submitted no less than two business days from the 1st pickup date to ensure pickup staff availability.
Tell us date you wish to come for first drop-in class. Drop-ins must be pre-booked at least 24 hours before class start time.
Select one of the schools eligible for pickup. If your child does not attend one of the listed schools, we are not able to offer pickup at this time. If minimum pickup numbers are not met, TCC reserves the right to cancel pickup service with advance notice and full refund.

Referral Information

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Family Information

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NEW USERS: These will be your login details for Toronto Circus Centre Registration. Logging in will enable you to auto-fill data for future class and camp registration forms. RETURNING USERS: please log in before filling form, thank you!
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Parent/Guardian Contact #1

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Emergency Contact

This person must be available during class hours via at least one of the provided phone numbers.

Permission to Pick Up

List anyone who you also wish to approve for child pick-up in addition to Parent/Guardian Contacts & Emergency Contact.

Number of Students

Student Details

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Balance due

Payment instructions will be emailed with registration confirmation. Installment plans available on request.

Terms & Conditions

Be sure to check ALL boxes before submitting form
In consideration of being permitted to participate in the Activities provided by Toronto Circus Centre and their Releasees, I represent that I, for myself and, if applicable, my child/ward am/are in good health and have had no known exposure to COVID-19 and no symptoms of COVID-19, including, but not limited to, cough, fever, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, hair loss, new loss of taste and smell, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, conjunctivitis for 14 days prior to attending the facility. I acknowledge that if I suspect, believe, or have any reason to believe, that I or my child/ward has had any exposure to COVID-19, I/they will immediately cease attendance at the facility until it can again be warranted that no known exposure has been had for a 14-day period. I further warrant that I will alert the facility if I or my child/ward has been on the premises since exposure. I have fully read, understood and expressly agree to abide by the safety precautions contained in TORONTO CIRCUS CENTRE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES re: COVID-19 which have been developed as a best practices method to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. I acknowledge, understand, appreciate, and agree that my or my child/ward's participation could result in possible exposure to and/or illness from COVID-19, Influenzas, Contagions and/or Infections. I hereby freely agree to assume and accept all known and unknown risks of exposure to COVID-19, Influenzas, Contagions and/or Infections on behalf of myself and, if applicable, my child/ward, even arising from the negligence of the Releasees or others and assume full responsibility for my/their participation.

Toronto Circus Centre Inc. is committed to creating an environment of safe, non-competitive learning and activity for the physical and overall well-being of all its participants and staff. We challenge our participants to be their physical best while nurturing attitudes of mutual respect and cooperation. With an emphasis on personal accomplishment at one’s own pace and skill level, we share and celebrate our successes to strengthen positive mental state and create a foundation for a fit and active life. As a part of this commitment, Toronto Circus Centre Inc. requires its participants, coaches/staff, parents, etc. to treat one another with courtesy, respect, and fairness.

The following behaviour by participants, their parents, friends or any others will not be tolerated and will lead to dismissal of the participants from the program offered by Toronto Circus Centre Inc., including but not limited to:

1. Any act that violates federal, provincial or municipal laws or by-laws, or any violation of the Toronto Circus Centre Inc.'s policies and procedures.
2. Gross misconduct, inappropriate horseplay, theft, fighting, or any behaviour which may lead to property damage or which may affect the safety and well being of others.
3. Willful destruction of property (including that caused by inappropriate horseplay, fighting, etc.).
4. Disregard of the coach's instructions during class, being abusive, belligerent or in any way compromising the safety of, delivery of instruction to, or the enjoyment of the class by, other participants of the program.

Payment in full is considered due at time of registration. Spot(s) in class are not guaranteed until payment is processed. We are, however, also happy to work with you on payment installment plans, on request and as agreed upon by both parties. Contact us for details or leave a note in the Comments section below. Late registrations are accepted if space permits. $40 fee is charged on all NSF payments. Preferred payment methods are Interac email transfer or cheque. We do not accept Tangerine payments. Credit card payment is accepted via Paypal, 4% processing fee will apply -- please contact us for details if you wish to pay with this option.

For Drop-In: payment is due before beginning of drop-in class.

For those signing up for full terms: In case of class participation being cancelled for medical reasons, and when accompanied by a doctor’s note, pro-rated refund of all whole missed classes will be processed minus a $25 admin fee. For withdrawal from class for non-medical reasons prior to start of term and with minimum 7 days notice before term begins, refund will be processed in full minus a $50 admin fee. Refunds are not issued for non-medical withdrawal once a program begins or within 7 days immediately prior to the start of the term. For classes missed for non-medical reasons, we will try to accommodate student(s) in a suitable alternate class at a different day/time. If no replacement class can be found, a prorated credit will apply for future classes. If student(s) will miss more than 15% of the classes in a term for non-medical reasons, pricing reverts to Drop-In Rates, with any amount(s) already paid crediting towards those Drop-In rate classes. All class credits must be used no later than the end of the term following the one wherein the credit was issued. If not used within this time, credit is fully forfeited.

You may switch to a different class day and/or time once you have registered, granted space is available. No refund shall be provided in the event of dismissal for breach of the Conduct Policy. Failure to issue payment on time may result in cancellation of enrollment and/or a late payment charge of 1.5% per week of the total outstanding balance.

I give my express consent to receive emails from Toronto Circus Centre Inc. regarding their programs, camps, events, promotions, and any other new or relevant information pertaining to its operations. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time. We never share your email address, or any other personal details, with anyone! (Should you wish to opt-out of receiving emails effective immediately, simply leave a note in the Comments box below and we will remove you from our email distribution list.)

I give permission for my son/daughter’s photographs/videos to be used for publicity and advertising by Toronto Circus Centre Inc., unless I expressly indicate otherwise. (Should you wish to opt-out of photo/video permission, simply leave a note in the Comments box below.)

Should it be necessary, in the opinion of a staff member of Toronto Circus Centre Inc. to render first aid or assistance to the participant(s) listed above, I hereby grant permission to the staff of Toronto Circus Centre Inc. and other medical personnel to render such aid or assistance as they may deem necessary. I have carefully read this consent for treatment of a minor and fully understand its contents. I understand and agree that, in the case of an emergency Toronto Circus Centre Inc. assumes no responsibility or obligations relative to any cost or expense related to carrying out any emergency procedures and/or emergency transportation for myself or my child.

I acknowledge that circus, fitness and other activities offered at Toronto Circus Centre Inc., may involve an element of risk, which may result in bodily injury (including the risk of severe or fatal injury) to myself or my child/ward. I also acknowledge that circus activities may require the coach/staff to perform some manual spotting which involves direct physical contact and is designed to assist the participant in the safe performance of the program skills. I confirm that I, or my child, am/is fit to participate in circus activities including but not limited to climbing, tumbling, balancing, and other physical actions engaged in both on aerial equipment and on the ground. I also acknowledge that circus activities that are taught at Toronto Circus Centre are not to be engaged in outside of class or at any time without proper supervision by fully trained, competent circus coaches and professionals, given their dangerous nature and the risk of injury or death.

I, for myself and, if applicable, my child/ward, and each of our respective heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, release Toronto Circus Centre Inc. and its servants, agents, directors, officers and employees (collectively “TCC”) from any claims, demands, damages, actions or causes of actions arising out of or in consequence of any loss, injury or damage to my person or property (or, if applicable, to my child’s / ward’s person or property) incurred while attending at or participating in any activities offered by TCC, either while engaged in TCC programming or at any place or time outside of the offered programming, notwithstanding any such loss, injury or damage may have arisen by reason of the negligence of TCC or any person for whom it is at law responsible.

I have read the conduct policy, payment & cancellation policy, anti-spam policy, photo/video policy, consent of treatment, assumption of risks, and release of liability, fully understand its terms, and understand that I am giving up substantial rights, including my right to sue. I also acknowledge that I am unaware of any physical or mental condition or impediment, which would prevent or hinder myself or my child from participating safely in the programs at Toronto Circus Centre Inc. I confirm that I have accurately reported and disclosed any medical information (physical and mental) to Toronto Circus Centre Inc., which is necessary for the proper program involvement and care of the above-mentioned participants.

I acknowledge that I am agreeing to these terms and conditions freely and voluntarily, and intend by my agreement for this to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law. I, as the parent/guardian of the minor participant(s), have explained to my son/daughter(s) the aforementioned stipulated conditions and their ramifications, and I consent to their participation in the programs conducted under by Toronto Circus Centre Inc.